Friday, March 9, 2012

The Smell of SPRING

Duh Duh Duuuh. Friday again? Wow the week sure flew by! I'm feeling a lot better. My voice is raspy but I will survive to see another day!

Yesterday was beautiful although I wasn't expecting the wind to be so strong. It was blasting and shook the windows at my apartment and I could see the Dusk-to-Dawn light outside swaying back in forth and the lights flickered. I don't have candles. I think I should invest in some because even though I am 23, i'm terrified of the dark!

Last night and early this morning we were attacked by a downpour of rain! There's barely any snow in sight and now I am left with the excitement that maybe it's gone for the rest of the season and that in a mere 11 days it's SPRING!!! I can smell it in the air. I love the smell of mud :)

Anyway, I thought I'd just do a little jot. Happy Friday everyone!

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