Book Wishlist

So I recently had an incident where I lost 50+ books or so to water damage. They all had to be thrown out :( So some of the books on my wishlist are those that I've had before (Mostly Douglas Coupland) and books I want for my bookshelf! These are just a few!

Hey Nostradamus- Douglas Coupland
Girlfriend In a Coma- Douglas Coupland
JPod- Douglas Coupland
Microserfs- Douglas Coupland
All Families are Psychotic- Douglas Coupland
Shampoo Planet- Douglas Coupland
Eleanor Rigby- Douglas Coupland
The Gum Thief- Doulgas Coupland
Generation-A- Douglas Coupland
Miss Wyoming- Doulgas Coupland
You Remind Me Of Me - Dan Chaon
What Was LostCatherine O'Flynn
Ascend- Amanda Hocking
Torn- Amanda Hocking
Cinder- Marissa Meyer
Eve- Anna Carey
The Hunger Games (Trilogy)Collins, Suzanne
Die For Me- Amy Plumb
GracelingKristin Cashore
Matched- Ally Condie
Fever- Lauren DeStefano

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