Saturday, March 17, 2012

Safe & Sound

So I am eagerly awaiting the release of "The Hunger Games" movie and this song is one of many on the soundtrack and I am by far SO in love with this song. I'm not a huge Taylor Swift fan but I enjoy her voice in this song. It's not her usual love song or break up song. It also includes The Civil Wars who I LOVE. 

It's so beautiful and I can just imagine it playing in the background as Katniss is in the arena, in the Game and after she sees her home, District 12 in ruins around her. At what used to be. Ack!It gives me chills. I feel kind of silly but at the same time I don't really care. It's been a good 2 or 3 years since I've read a book (in general) but one that has left me with anticipation and left me feeling raw emotion.  I'm sad that I'm reading the final book. I don't want them to be over with.

Anyway. If you haven't yet heard this song, here it is. Also, I included the other songs that will be on the soundtrack in case anyone wants to go check those out too. There's a great choice of bands on this one! :) Enjoy!

And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond

  1. Taylor Swift (feat. The Civil Wars)- "Safe and Sound"
  2. Taylor Swift- "Eyes Wide Open"
  3. Arcade Fire- "Abraham's Daughter"
  4. Kid Cudi- "The Ruler & The Killer"
  5. Miranda Lambert (feat. Pistol Annies)- "Run Daddy Run"
  6. The Civil Wars- "Kingdom Come"
  7. The Decemberists- "One Engine"
  8. Glen Hansard- "Take the Heartland"
  9. The Low Anthem- "Lover is Childlike"
  10. Punch Brothers- "Dark Days"
  11. Secret Sisters- "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder"
  12. Birdy- "Just A Game"
  13. Ella Mae Bowen- "Oh, Come & Sing"
  14. Jayme Dee- "Rules"
  15. Carolina Chocolate Drops- "Reaping Day"
  16. Neko Case- "Give Me Something I'll Remember"

Some songs are not out yet and will be released when the movie and soundtrack are available

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