Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ho Hum Saturday?

Usually my Sunday's are my "Ho-Hum" days but today seemed more fit for it. It was cold & rainy and I kept thinking it was Sunday, so it might as well been! I've been hanging out with my friend Meghan at her place since Thursday. I love having someone nearby where I live that I can hang out with and talk to. I love the company & who better then her :) 

She's also into books and reviews and her and her friend Jenn have a blog Owl Read It. You all should go stop by & share some love for sure!

I started a Goodreads book challenge for myself in hopes I will get back into reading. I'm just starting to pick up a book again after a good 2-3 years. (Especially after losing my 50+ back in the summer :( )Crazy, I know!!

On a sad note, I had to put "We Need To Talk About Kevin" away. I'm only about 100 pages in but I can't read it right now. I hear mixed reviews about it but I don't like judging a book before I read it because not everyone is going to like every book out there. But as of right now, I'm putting it back on my shelf and grabbing a new book until I am ready to go back to it. I'm sad & hope it will pick up but I don't like struggling through a book that I don't want to read :( I find the vocabulary very huge and not one that I can follow at all and I almost feel "stupid" reading it because I don't understand. Almost as if she is trying to impress me. BUT before I go on to say anymore, I have to finish reading it first then I will post a review on it and HOPEFULLY it will turn around :)

I'm now onto the Hunger Games! I've heard good things about these books so I am going to start with these and then catch the film coming out this year!

Maybe it will change...

Have any of you read a book or stopped reading a book because you couldn't follow or didn't like it?
Let me know!

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